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The Darlene Anderson Genealogy Research Services company is owned by Darlene Anderson. Her company is located in central Indiana, close to the Indiana State Library and the Indiana State Archives. She works with her clients to achieve their goals using professional standards established by the Association of Professional Genealogists.


Genealogy Hints

Darlene's Genealogy Hints may give researchers the advantage they need to locate information concerning genealogy and historical research. You can find her Genealogy Hints information on her blog, Lineagefinder.

Hiring a Genealogist

Do you need a record search? Do you lack the time and energy to do research? Are you at a standstill because you've hit a brick-wall? Do you need advice about your research? Have you decided it's cheaper to hire a genealogist rather than travel to the area where your ancestors lived?

There are many reasons to hire a genealogist. Darlene does on-site research in Indiana and has done research all across the U.S.

Research in Indiana

Darlene does genealogy and historical research at local genealogical and historical societies, local libraries or archives, courthouses, family history center, cemeteries, online databases, indexes and internet resources. There are many types of records available to learn about an ancestor's life, plus local history in the places where your ancestor lived.

Let's Get Started!

You have decided to hire a genealogist in the area where your ancestors lived. Do you know what to do next? Here are some Genealogy Hints for you:

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